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Cross-Sex Friendships: Dangerous to Your Psychological State?

5월 21, 2020

Cross-Sex Friendships: Dangerous to Your Psychological State?

A audience asked: could it be correct that girls who possess more guy friends than woman buddies are less inclined to have anxiety and despair? Just what does research state about girls who possess more friends that are guy woman buddies?

Interesting concern.

I couldn’t find a study that directly answers your question about whether having more opposite-sex (OS) than same-sex (SS) friends raises psychological health in women before I respond in more detail, I’ll cut to the chase: In my review of the existing research. Nevertheless, this is just what we can say for certain through the research:

Opposite-sex or cross-gender friendships amongst heterosexuals could be difficult to maintain, but they’re also really valuable for the true quantity of reasons (we’ve discussed these relationships before). For instance, building a platonic friendship if an individual or both partners seems some sexual attraction (which will be typical) could be tricky due to the inescapable intimate stress (and plenty of these relationships are characterized by at the very least a point of intimate attraction! ). 1 but, having opposite-sex buddies additionally provides individuals joy and fulfillment, in addition to a various viewpoint from the world which they merely can’t get from a same-sex buddy.

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