2015 Beijing Lobby Exhibit China

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POSCO 2015 Beijing Lobby Exhibit China

Global Events

Project Background

POSCO was founded in 1968 as a steel manufacturing company. Since, it has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world through strategic partnerships and mergers. By creating multiple subsidiaries under its name, POSCO extended its business scope to encompass a variety of other categories, including Engineering Services, IT Solutions, Energy Production, Automotive Component Manufacturing and more.

POSCO desired to create a permenant exhibit in the lobby of its Beijing office. The company wanted to portray its capabilities and product offerings clearly to employees and visitors alike. Meant to be a symbol of POSCO's brand influence and global presence, POSCO was in need of an agency that had an understanding of the brand and could offer creative direction to the exhibit.

About POSCO.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was contracted to creatively design and construct POSCO's lobby exhibit for its Beijing office. Based upon the central pillar in the lobby, Eidetic Marketing offered an innovative solution to best portray the brand's capabilitis and global presence. Applying a spiral structure around the pillar, POSCO's products were placed atop the construct to best represent the corporation's services in one holistic view.

- Creative direction and design for exhibit
- Efficient incorporation of the venue for optimal exposure
- Sturcture fabrication and installation