2015 Integrated Branding

Global Exhibition / Integrated Branding

UBIVELOX 2015 Integrated Branding

Global Exhibition / Integrated Branding

Project Background

UBIVELOX is a South Korea based corporation that specializes in Smart Cards and Mobile Convergence. Smart Cards encompasses multiple applications from banking, national id, telecommunications, etc. while Mobile Convergence involves mobile payment solutions and platforms. Delivering and producing over 130 million cards per year, UBIVELOX is the world's 6th top producer in the market segment.

Though well known for its innovational technology and global presence as an international IT company, UBIVELOX's brand image was becoming diluted due to the lack of creative marketing. In conjunction with 2015 CARTES (the world’s leading trade exhibition for the card identification devices industry), UBIVELOX wanted to revamp its branding to differentiate itself from competitors.


Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was entrusted with creating a revitalized brand image set to showcase at 2015 CARTES. From revamping the brand tagline, to creating a differentiated brand image, through market research and brand scrutiny, Eidetic Marketing offered full consulting solutions for UBIVELOX. Further, Eidetic Marketing offered website design, UI/UX solutions, as well as brand application examples for optimal utilization.

- Thorough market research and brand analysis for optimal branding options
- Brand tagline creation, key visual design, and application renderings
- Website design and UI/UX optimization strategies for maximum global exposure