2016 Experiential Brand Renewal

Integrated Branding

Angel-in-us 2016 Experiential Brand Renewal

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Angel-in-us Coffee is a subsidiary cafe retail change belonging to Lotte, a multinational conglomerate. Since the brand's conception in 2000, Angel-in-us Coffee has been leading the growth of the coffee market in Korea. The brand expanded both rapidly and globally, opening more than 500 stores worldwide by 2012. Having realized many achievements, the brand was well known for its quality products and branding.

Despite its impeccable branding, Angel-in-us Coffee was in need of change. Since its start in 2000, the brand did not change much during the decade. As time passed, a plethora of other brands had entered the market, creating a highly congested and competitive market. In order to differentiate itself, Angel-in-us Coffee needed to reinvent its image to accommodate modern trends.

About Angel-in-us.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with revamping the stagnant brand image of Angel-in-us Coffee. From creating a foundational brand story to recommending brand changes based on market research, Eidetic Marketing offered a total brand consulting service for the retail chain. From base logo development to physical requirement modification options for retail stores, Eidetic Marketing serviced full integrated branding reconstruction.

- Thorough market research and brand analysis for optimal branding options
- Brand storytelling and creation of foundational history
- Key visual design and physical brand applications ranging from base assets to retail design