2016 ChinaJoy Shanghai

Global Exhibition

Kakao Games 2016 ChinaJoy Shanghai

Global Exhibition

Project Background

Kakao Games is a subsidiary of the Kakao, a global multi-platform internet technology and service provider. Kakao Games has seen much success since its incubation in 2013 to grow into a multinational game developer and producer. Through strategic mergers and acquisition, the company further grew and was acknowledged by many high profile companies, receiving sizeable investments and publishing rights.

ChinaJoy is the largest gaming expo held in China and Asia. Corporations ranging from game developers to hardware producers in the digital media industry gather together to share ideas, showcase new products and network with potential partners. From reaching end consumers, ChinaJoy is known to provide comprehensive industrial business services directly to buyers and drives partnerships between domestic and foreign game companies.

About Kakao Game.

Our Solution

From key visual design, booth construction and fabrications, Eidetic Marketing efficiently activated Kakao Game's B2B booth. Using the client's multiple and diverse brand assets, Eidetic Marketing creatively interpreted the design to encompass Kakao Games' image and philosophy, despite the limited space. Further, Eidetic Marketing efficiently managing HR and was responsible the overall administration of the booth.

- Key visual design, fabrication of booth and brand applications
- HR management and on-site administration
- Efficient use of area for creative exposure and business applications