Samsung GalaxyOn 7 Branding Film

Integrated Branding

Samsung Samsung GalaxyOn 7 Branding Film

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Samsung GalaxyOn series released a promotional video targeting younger generations in Asia’s emerging economies for young generations and Eidetic Marketing produced the animation with unique style of interesting characters and doodle art. The main art direction of the video, focused on black and white color pen illustration, describing Samsung GalaxyOn’s economical, simple, and sleek product design.

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Our Solution

Since the target audience of Samsung GalaxyOn is a younger generation, the inspiration for this video comes from “The Little Prince” one of the most famous and widely known family stories of all time. From here, the theme is developed into a “space journey”. The storyline of the promotion video illustrates the three main features of the product: its slim design, the outstanding camera system, and the rapid download speed. From the moment the GalaxyOn Rocket arrives on the planet, the characters show off the functions of the smartphone. Through the cute and playful illustration style of the video, the video provides not only entertainment to viewers but also presents clear information to customers. The combination of 2D illustration and 3D objects adds a unique style to the video without creating a clashing with the concept of the promotion.

In collaboration with Eidetic Alliance, Grabit (