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Global Events / Social Media & Global Influencer

Project Background

LINE is a subsidiary of Naver, a prominent South Korean internet corporation. LINE was launched in 2011 and quickly became Japan's largest social network platform. LINE FRIENDS is the department within LINE that is responsible for character development and merchandising of the brand's creative assets. Though the application itself is restricted in China, LINE FRIENDS has been growing via on/offline stores.

Storm Music Festival is China's first and largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival. Founded in 2013, it has become a prominent mainstay in Asia's festival culture. From 2016, Budweiser became the main sponsor for the event. Since then, the festival has grown to encompass more Chinese cities as well as Korea and Australia. LINE FRIENDS strived to promote and sell EDM inspired character merchandise throughout the event.

Let me introduce Line Friends.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was responsible for the creative design and fabrication of the LINE FRIENDS promotion zone within the Storm Music Festival. Eidetic Marketing successfully designed and merged LINE FRIENDS within the EDM atmosphere by creating character variations and models that aptly reflected the festival. From build-up to operations management, Eidetic Marketing offered creative services that allowed the brand to create engagement with patrons. We provided:

-Creative design of key visuals, event area and IP fabrication
-Brand merchandise design and production
-Event management and operational administration