eSports Events / Global Events


eSports Events / Global Events

Project Background

Com2uS is a South Korean developer/publisher of mobile and online games. Established in 1998, the company quickly expanded globally, having offices in the US, Korea, Japan and China. Summoners War is one of their many successful games that boasted global popularity. A mobile turn-based strategy multiplayer game, Summoners War has received 90 million downloads worldwide and generated $1.35B in earnings.

Summoners War World Arena was a global eSports competition that was held in multiple countries to determine the best player in the world. Held in 8 cities worldwide, not including online tournaments, the event went through a multitude of rounds that would eventually lead to the championship that would be held in LA. Com2uS needed an agency that would design and manage the preliminaries and finals in Korea.

Let's Play COM2US.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with the key visual design, fabrication, and overall management of the event. From creatively applying Summoners War IP, Eidetic Marketing was responsible for everything from player management to celebrity HR recruitment. Eidetic Marketing efficiently allocated and designed the venue to give both players and visitors a comfortable but engaging environment to compete and view the event.

- Key visual design, brand applications, and fabrications
- Creative application of given Summoners War IP
- Optimal venue division and allocation for engaging environment
- Performance planning, HR management to overall operational administration