2018 New Brand Festival China

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JAHWA 2018 New Brand Festival China

Global Events

Project Background

Jahwa is a global cosmetic and personal care product company based in China. Having been founded in 1898, the brand has multiple well-known subsidiary brands that are popular around the world. Expanding its company capabilities to encompass innovative R&D through tactical acquisitions, Jahwa has cemented itself as a total home consumer good brand for millions.

Jahwa wanted to create a 120th Anniversary Event in which it could exhibit its various subsidiary brands. Under the Jahwa brand, the company wanted to clearly exemplify its multiple brands, capabilities and deep history to patrons. In order to do so, the brand was in need of creative direction and design to create an overarching theme that seamlessly encompassed the many brands together.

About JAHWA.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with the creative design and fabrication of Jahwa's 120th anniversary brand event. Eidetic Marketing designed the overall event space as an orchestra hall to best create a seamless connection between the variety of brands. Each brand was represented as a differing instrument, as portrayed through booth design. From start to finish including operations, Eidetic Marketing successfully executed the event.

- Creative design of key visuals, event area and applications
- 3000m2 area event with 12 different booth fabrication
- Event management and operational administration