2018 NIO Day Conference China

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NIO 2018 NIO Day Conference China

Global Events

Project Background

NIO is a global start-up automotive manufacturer based in China. Having recruited R&D experts from around the world, NIO specializes in designing and developing high-performance, autonomous electric vehicles. From its founding in 2014, the brand has earned significant funding from multiple top investment conglomerates. Expanding rapidly, NIO is actively becoming a globally known company.

NIO introduced NIO DAY in conjunction with the launch of its ES8 SUV. While NIO DAY was held in multiple cities around the globe, the brand wanted to create a memorable VIP event for its patrons, investors and press. NIO needed to effectively portray NIO's innate brand values and philosophy while putting focus on the technical innovations and product capabilities.

Let's drive NIO.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was responsible for the planning, design and operations of NIO Day China. The event design was based on traditional Chinese culture with a modern flair. In order to provide experiential engagement for patrons, Eidetic Marketing planned both performances and traditional activities, effectively activating a global event starting with creative design to operations management from start to finish.

- Creative design and fabrication of brand applications
- Executed experiential performances, traditional activities and more for patrons
- Performance planning, HR management to overall operational administration