2018 15th Anniversary of SCPG China

Global Events

SCPG 2018 15th Anniversary of SCPG China

Global Events

Project Background

SCPG is a company that invests, develops and operates commercial real estate in China. A subsidiary of a leading urban and rural developer and living services provider, the company has expanded globally to encompass western markets. Managing over 30 major shopping centers in China, SCPG has partnered with multinational corporations such as Blackstone, ICBC and Walmart.

SCPG needed an agency to design, plan and operate its 15th anniversary event. SCPG wanted to display its rich history as well as promoting its shopping mall brand. Being a multinational commercial real estate corporation, the brand needed to effectively communicate its values to patrons as well as the public.

About SCPG 印力集团.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was responsible for the planning, design and operations of SCPG's 15th Anniversary Event. In order to aptly represent the brand's global scale, the area was designed with the conceptual representations of various cities around the world. From key visual design, fabrications, performance planning to operational management, Eidetic Marketing successfully completed the event.

- Creative design and fabrication of brand applications
- Planning and execution of experiential performances and operational management
- Website design and creation of electronic invitations