2018 villiv Brand Activation

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villiv 2018 villiv Brand Activation

Global Events

Project Background

Shinsegae is a South Korean conglomorate that is positioned as the largest retailer in Korea. From the company's beginning with department stores in 1955, the brand eventually expanded into foodstuffs, construction, hotels and much more. Capitalizing on Shinsegae's construction capabilities, the conglomorate created villiv, a modern and luxurious apartment brand.

villiv is a relatively new brand in the luxury apartment sector that has traditionally been occupied by a few dominating brands. In order to best create exposure to new, potential customers, villiv wante d to create a pop-up exhibit that could portray the brand image as well as inciting interest and creating awareness, both off and online. Eidetic Marketing was tasked withthe entirety of the project, from design, construction to management.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was contracted to activate this exhibit in Shinsegae's Hanam Starfield, the largest single building mall in Korea. Eidetic Marketing offered a total solution, starting from key visual design, construction, application of interactive elements and on-field management. Effectively creating a welcoming environment for bystanders, Eidetic Marketing managed the booth until January 19th, for a total of 3 months.

- Key visual design, fabrication of brand applications and construction
- Conception and creation of interactive elements for audience immersion
- HR management, on-site administration for exhibit management
- Applivation of social media aspects for maximum brand exposure

In collaboration with STONE Brand Communications (http://stonebc.com).