2018 Global Marketing Campaign

Global PR Service / Social Media & Global Influencer

THINKWARE 2018 Global Marketing Campaign

Global PR Service / Social Media & Global Influencer

Project Background

THINKWARE, which was founded in 1997, is a company that specializes in dash cams and related technologies. From its start in Korea, it has grown internationally, gaining acclaim for its advanced technology and reliable products. THINKWARE is now solidifying its position as a top tier dash cam brand around the world through its exceptional research, development and production.

THINKWARE, though having significant market presence in the Asian market, had little exposure in major western countries. Previous articles and Social Media content had widely varied from region to region, leaving the brand with no global consistency. Eidetic Marketing was commisioned to assist in reestablishing THINKWARE's global brand image and increasing exposure through PR and Social Media channels.


Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with Global PR and Social Media management to increase global awareness. From building relationships with press mediums to Social Media content creation, Eidetic Marketing was able to efficiently deliver THINKWARE’s brand values and image to the world. From exceeding expected KPIs for global exposure to creative delivery of the brand, Eidetic Marketing succeeded in recreating and enhancing THINKWARE's image around the globe.

- PR management and distribution
- Social Media management and asset creation
- Yearly increase in KPI and significant increase of online exposure