2018 Experiential Brand Guideline

Integrated Branding

NEX 2018 Experiential Brand Guideline

Integrated Branding

Project Background

VIVO is a global telecommunications company that specializes in developing and manufacturing smartphones. VIVO launched a new smart phone line, NEX in 2018. NEX is an expression of innovative technology and unique style. Equipped with the best in-class technology, NEX was officially the first all screen phone, being a forerunner in a congested smart phone market.

The NEX BTL Guideline was created to offer direction as well as creative inspiration, in the planning and activation of NEX’s BTL events. The guide established a standard protocol to VIVO's partner agencies. As a new subsidiary brand of VIVO, the guide consolidated NEX’s brand identity and its values to create consistency, while optimizing brand experiences for patrons.

Let's Fun VIVO.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with creating a guideline that consolidated the new brand, NEX. Starting with brand consultation, Eidetic Marketing unraveled the newly incubated brand through interviews, case studies, and creative conception, effectively creating a comprehensive guide that encompassed all factors of NEX events from logo placement and usage to HR management.

- Experiential brand consultation
- Renewed brand identity for NEX
- Provides a comprehensive event branding guideline for the totality of NEX events