2019 ChinaJoy Shanghai

eSports Events / Global Exhibition

BANDAI NAMCO 2019 ChinaJoy Shanghai

eSports Events / Global Exhibition

Project Background

Bandai Namco Shanghai is the China branch of Bandai Namco Holdings , the global IP company. After the global IP and toy manufacturing company Bandai and the global game company Namco came together to work together in May 2005, the two businesses merged in March of 2006, and in 2016, Bandai Namco Shanghai was founded. They began advancing in the Chinese market in earnest and grew at a rapid speed, so in April of 2018, Bandai Namco China Holdings was founded

China Joy is the largest gaming expo held in China and Asia. Corporations ranging from game developers to hardware manufacturers in the digital media industry gather together to share ideas, showcase new products and network with potential partners. In order to reach end consumers, ChinaJoy is known to provide comprehensive industrial business services directly to buyers and drives partnerships between domestic and foreign game companies.

Our Solution

Global experience marketing agency, EIDETIC Marketing, prepared a ChinaJoy 2019 booth of Bandai Namco’s various IPs and contents that naturally married the Future concept with the stage event. For this year’s stage event, we strove to gracefully merge the inherent atmosphere of Bandai Namco with the concept of this new concept. In addition to this, we ran operations for the console game and mobile game eSports stage that effectively presented Bandai Namco’s IPs like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Gundam, and more.

- eSports Players Recruitment and Management
- eSports Game Management
- Stage event Planning & Management
- Japanese Singer Recruitment & Live Show Management