2019 Rebranding Case Study

Integrated Branding

Eastar Jet 2019 Rebranding Case Study

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Eastar Jet (IATA ZE) is a Korean low cost carrier (LCC) brand founded in 2007. Based on revenue, it is ranked as the 5th largest Korean LCC. Eastar Jet captured the minds of its young customer demographic by offering unique services such as events in the cabin, Eastar TV, and more. As profits began to take off in 2013, Eastar Jet has been growing exponentially and went public in 2019. With this step forward, the need for broad scale rebranding of the Eastar Jet decade-old brand became increasingly apparent.

As a branding agency, EIDETIC focused on changes in the LCC market environment and prepared strategies for the rebranding of Eastar Jet. Contact points between the air carriers and consumers had become digitalized and isolated. Also, stiff competition has forced many LCCs to expand their services and develop more flexible responses to consumer demands. By conducting research and holding Focus Group Interviews, we steered our rebranding process towards constructing a more [Expandable & Flexible Brand System]

Our Solution

EIDETIC proposed a bold solution. The core of this project was to create an [Expandable & Flexible Brand System]. The original logo was unbalanced and out of date, it was simply not suitable for digital environments. The new logo would have to be simple & expandable, so the Eastar Jet brand could communicate with customers all over the world, regardless of region, about flights, airports, ticketing, and more. Furthermore, consumers are getting younger and younger, and the Millennials and generation Z consumer base were looking for a more trendy and familiar brand. EIDETIC’s newly designed brand identity was centered on the five-point star symbol. It would mark the beginning of a brand that wanted to present a new feeling with a sense of charm.

- Global LCC Market Analysis
- Global Communication Roadmap
- Brand Collaboration Guide
- Livery Design
- LCC Specialized branded on-board items
- Corporate Character Design