eSports Events / Social Media & Global Influencer


eSports Events / Social Media & Global Influencer

Project Background

WCG is the global esports Olympics. After disappearing in 2013, WCG has returned in 2019 to Xi’an, China. The new WCG is no longer just tournaments, but rather a festival that all fans of esports can enjoy. Various programs were prepared to merge games and entertainment through a festival, including a music festival, an esports conference, a cosplay contest, and more. For one of these programs, cosplayers from around the world attended WCG, cosplaying as game characters and adding their own flavor to the event.

The WCG Cosplay program was separated into 3 major parts. The first was the cosplay parade. Every hour, the parade of pro-cosplayers would perform and pose for photos at the central plaza. Second was the cosplay contest, where amateur cosplayers showed off their outfits and performances to receive verdicts from the pro-cosplayer judges. The final portion of the cosplay program was the ‘talk-concert’ with pro-cosplayer Alodia. The event allowed for the local Chinese population to communicate and ask questions with the star cosplayer.

Our Solution

EIDETIC Marketing, the global branding & experience agency, created the cosplay program to provide WCG attendees a pleasant experience. With the help of the Korean cosplay agency, COSIS, we were able to recruit world famous cosplayers. Along with securing the world’s number one cosplayer, Alodia, we also reached out and started finding local Chinese cosplayers. These events were held on the plaza stage, where the WCG cube LED screens stood as a symbol above the event.

- Design and fabrication of the stage and event space
- Cosplayer recruitment and care
- Social Media Marketing